I am a painter, video and installation artist. In my painting I am obsessed by the human movement and their quest for freedom, while in my mixed media works and installation, I apply assemblages to create sculptural states that transcend simple two-dimensional art forms; through the studied and experimental use of collage I combine color, calligraphy, textile, and various textural media to explore issues of gender, independence, freedom, space and passage of time.

my art is inspired by the society in which I live and the economic and social situation and the political community in which we live and through the hopes and the joys and sorrows of the people and by reading newspapers or watching the media and was inspired by my work from all that surrounds personally considered my art form and my personal view in what it takes personally and what motivates me to do my job is my duty towards national and then about myself and my conscience artwork

And adopt my art on the color, which is energy and movement, including the so-called (action  Painting) and adopted much on the icon in the shape and meaning as adopted also on the type of Surrealism in meaning and expression as well as transparencies color and the strength of the lines in the expression also used the human element in the expression of the concept of artwork.

The message that I want to achieve in my career through my art is the new vision of all that surrounds us and the expression of the events or things through a different perspective and to develop techniques work of art both in terms of the idea or mode of expression and the message that I work for it is monitoring the political and social development in the community in which I live and the impact on other communities.

And art in general is an enlightenment and educational illuminate the public awareness and insight facts and reality and reveal to him the imbalance in society and art has a very important role in building a democratic culture is a culture and conscience of society.

PhD professor/ WAEL DARWESH