THE Disappearance ……

 Foggy of scene and its excessive ambiguity caused a type of disappearance constant which disconnects between us and the truth. As a result of this continuous stealthy between us and ourselves and between ourselves and the others, so that we didn’t find the way to a state of serenity with ourselves when our lives changed into a set of predictions that changed many things within us and spread in many things around us and we have lost the moment of honesty with ourselves.

 We can no longer predict what will happen after a few moments…. as a kind of callback the idea of transparency, which has become unclear in our emotional world…. such transparency associated with the idea of purity when we lost the ability to identify due to foggy of crowded and fighting the dramatic scene raging around us, whether conflicting or even within ourselves … Perhaps our ability is not the secret key to unlock the mystery of this conflict within ourselves but also to solve the mystery.

 This vagueness in the human behavior motivated by the human psyche as a result of the conflict of interests and that has cast a shadow on our human nature, where we became no longer have the will of transparency with ourselves and we have lost the vision of what is going on around us due to the multiplicity of barriers between us and ourselves.

Those barriers have helped the growth of the idea of continued mystery and disappearance and have formed questions burden on the memory before constituted a burden on our mentality in order to accommodate the circumstances and situations or even just imagine the difference between real and deceptive or even our ability to search within ourselves for reasons that explain or justify our need to the idea of continuous disappearance and sustained only as a type of reaction.

 That feelings and artistic experience constitute an attack on the human psyche which has inspired the idea of stealth and mystery as part of our personal life and part of what surrounds us which emphasized our relationship with ourselves first, then our relationship with all that surrounds us through treating the concept of transparency, which vocabulary and elements appeared in the form of optical realized by music of color and conformation as well as the overlapping lines relationships and the relationship of color spaces with offensive nature that pervades the idea of silence through a nature scene which depends on the confirming the current moment in mixture of symbolism and surrealism of attitude towards visual expression and drama.

 The feeling experience for the idea of continuous disappearance reflect the stream of human beings who through their mystery became a matter of suspicion resulting from lack of transparency with the self prior to be with others which constitutes experience for the flam moment of memory and its affect pressed on the self surface in position to act and try to interpretation of reaction visually through integrated dramatic case of ambiguity inherent in the movement accompanied by a form of sensory and emotional energy emanating from the work of art, which emphasizes the sense of feelings and dramatic dimension in works of art.