The Prank….

Artsawa Gallery, Dubai-United Arab Emirates-2015.


We always ask ourselves these questions if life really worth to be lived, with its concept of hitherto and Intraday, or it’s a trail of a mirage intraday and pleasure flash Ended!

 We always stand in the middle of the half-truth and Sit with a half-lovers and make half friends and Read for half talented and choose half-solutions and dream of half dreams and relate to half hopes…

We are on a journey which carries a bunch of relationships where all things are ridiculous, and simply passing as a smile or even a cry seems cool without  “Melodrama”.

Our lives submerged in the paradoxes and adventures which were demilitarized of Spirit, Looking for the meaning of absolute beauty, And looking for self-comfort and satisfaction of imperfect constantly… There is always something missing When life has become dealt  as the same reaction of coldness of us, so Does life has become just a hoax!!

those artistic experiences inspire sensations and questions, Through the coated plates of surreal  obscure aesthetic impossible to predict the impact of the selection and the end. While it Prefaces the form of the birth of the diversity of the beauty and the soul, And restores the nobility of empathy to Unveils the form of demented tournament, Life is the dream of wise and the game of fools and Laughingstock of wealthy and tragedy of poor. Life may not be equal to anything… but nothing can equal life.

Wael Darwish

1-secret messages -230x190cm

secret messages -230x190cm- Acrylic on canvas-2015

4-continuaus dance-250x98cm

continuous dance-250x98cm– Acrylic on canvas-2015


   inception-250x98cm– Acrylic on canvas-2015  

2-the red telephone-230x190cm

                   the red telephone-230x190cm- Acrylic on canvas-2015                             

3-The journey-300x140cm- Acrylic on canvas-2014

                 The journey-300x140cm- Acrylic on canvas-2014                  

5-fresh red heart-150x129cm

fresh red heart-150x129cm- Acrylic on canvas-2015

last hope-150x129cm

Last hope-150x129cm- Acrylic on canvas-2015

the last lesson not start-150x129cm

the last lesson not start-150x129cm- Acrylic on canvas-2015

the pink dream - 150x129cm

the pink dream – 150x129cm- Acrylic on canvas-2015

the prank-150x129cm

the prank-150x129cm- Acrylic on canvas-2015