Wael Darwish Statement

A realistic study of the reaction of contemporary society with all its problems They were cultural, social, or economic, and their effects on modern humans .
And the human connection with the modern media culture transmitted by the technological media The many that linked all cultures together and that affected human relationships Some of them and the effects of these variables on social aspects and human relations Specifically, through the inspiration of the human element in the artistic work that constitutes The title role, which depends on storytelling and symbolic narration in a framework of realism Surreal magic in most cases the symbol is the main engine. My artwork that sends a message to the viewer My works form part of the human memory and its imagination mixed with components Globalization, which linked phrases, vocabulary and processors (surreal, expressive, or Color symbolism or magical realism (or all of them together, in linear treatments And personal treatments of the human factor as a focus for building the artistic work on the basis of The human being is the focus of building the entire universe The color groups used are brutal in nature and explicit in Sometimes the new Expressionism is greatly affected, and sometimes it was adopted Others on combining photography within the framework of artistic work Abstract color bursts mixed with some graphics The defamation, which combines mystery and alienation, apprehension and motivation In exchange for confusion between notions of losing the identity of the absent other in his presence.
The goal through these actions was to send to the recipient half encrypted messages
Clear with the aim of moving his imagination towards his participation in the interpretation of vocabulary that forms part of a world Ambiguous features, or as a contemporary language understood by today’s world, in an attempt to interpret a dream perhaps not It ends or has not started yet, as I wanted to mix reality and dream with completely broken lines As a knitting process that links the vocabulary of reality with fiction and reality with myth, my works are formed An answer to a question that reflects an image in a mirror of anything and everything, including me.