I am a graduate of the Faculty of Art Education in 1998.

I has got excellent grade In years of study at the Faculty of Art Education, which amounted to a full five years from 1994 to 1998.

I Was nominated by the university to work in the College of art Education from 1998 until now.

I ranged in my academic positions and got a master’s in 2003, and got my PHD in 2008 In painting and drawing.

I was upgraded now to PHD assistant professor in 2014, in the department of drawing and painting at the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University in Cairo.

 just like any other kid made ​​sure his family was educated and sponsorship the best care … gradually in schooling .. has shown superiority in substances philosophical and social studies, historical graduated from high school, and still my talent artistic push me strongly to enter the Faculty of Art Education, and that was in 1993 and was Faculty of art Education, 5 years of the study The study was difficult and very tiring …. did not felt this feeling I was personally love this school too and when I loved my excelled them and became my hobby of personal study excelled in the Faculty of Art Education in all the years I was the first student at the end of fifth division and got a total of 89% in the last year and was the ordinal first with honors and this was in 1998, I was appointed Teaching Assistant drawing and painting you have chosen for myself among all the departments of the college and then began to phase new graduate and was more sophisticated studied the masters from 1998 to 2003 and obtained a master’s degree and then followed by doctoral study and obtained by the year 2008 …. the road was long and exhausting, and had the patience of the longest of the way and now I’m an assistant professor, a degree to which I work at the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University.