research 2013

1-The Configuration form for the human body in Contemporary arts

This research is concerning by the form configuration which by modernism concepts in art in human body & how the artists make deal with this concepts which related with social changes like Tex, economic , politics , traditions, values, adding globalization to in reach the aesthetic content and  form  in contemporary art.The researcher emphasizes these changes in contemporaries painting. He will choose numerous of contemporary artists and analysis there art works and critics to reach to these changes witch it’s done in human form by the contemporary arts concepts. 

research 2013

2-Installation in the vacuum as an entrance to inspire the contemporary Egyptian political reality to enrich the artwork

Conceptual Art is the most prevalent form of 20th-century and postmodern art. It separates the work on representation, artistic objects or works of art and presents them to the art market. The connoisseur also creates an unusual and classical assimilation and shortens the distance between art and life in the sense of working directly with the world. This type of art is intuitive and includes all intellectual processes. From Other art trends, the reality here is the core area of ​​a new aesthetic perception technically aware, the meaning of the conceptual art is a total change in the traditional relations between the work of art and the idea expressed.  

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3-Physical expression as an introduction to enrich the dramatic dimension of contemporary graphic art.

In the artistic experiment, the researcher relied on finding plastic relations through the daily events of the structure surrounding the researcher where the drama of daily life was inspired by topics related to the political, social and economic life of the Egyptian people, which became a very urgent need towards the society to express his buried pain which formed the same pain. As a part of this society, the researcher has adopted in this artistic experience to emphasize the language of the human body according to his own style, which is a means of expression that transmits the message to the scenes of the work of art drama emphasized by the drama of color, which The shape of the visual language that is mixed with the drama of the line forming the movements of people in the artwork.

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4-Inspired by the contemporary Egyptian political reality as an entrance to enrich the graphic art work.

Fine art has played a major role not only in artistic taste, but also in the perceptual depth of the country and political affiliation. Plastic art is no longer an art prepared for salons. It has become one of the heroes of the dramatic scene of the political battle in Egypt and has become a media or journalist in the spread. Political awareness of the Egyptian citizen.
The relationship between art and politics comes from the importance of the political culture of the contemporary Egyptian artist as he interacts with the prevailing political culture in the Egyptian society and even constitutes a fundamental cornerstone of it while his creative imagination has influenced local and international factors and variables and the development of ideologies in the West and their repercussions on our Arab region, especially Egypt.
The researcher believes from his personal point of view that plastic art is not only a painting similar to the rules of aesthetics or colors and color relations touching our souls and our feelings or ideas go to dreamy and metaphysical worlds to escape from reality in order to comfort man from the problems and contradictions of contemporary daily life, but art represents delving into the heart of these Problems are reintroduced with the aim of reaching realistic solutions to human problems, not escaping them into dreamy color and intellectual worlds. Art today is not isolated from the controversies, debates and political reality in Egypt to escape to the utopian city “Plato” to which we fled technically, but contemporary plastic art in Egypt is the meaning of communication and openness and sometimes represents a culture of attack and fierce opposition to direct the public opinion towards the importance of an issue. His opinion is to a state of fine visual persuasion to the meaning of the utopia that Plato realized before and we realize it later.

research 2010

5-The concept of identity and the other as an entrance to enrich contemporary photographic work.

The aim of the art experiment is to formulate formulations based on the bilateral relations between the human body and color techniques by emphasizing the concept of identity and the other, which was inspired by the researcher as a starting point for building the works of art experiment, which relied on political events during the period after the January 2011 revolution, and during the year of the revolution The dramatic events have raised the imagination of the creative researcher to create works of art that achieve a kind of recording of a revolutionary situation that has affected the Egyptian society and the researcher personally and brought about a range of cultural and social variables, as well as the scope of Maip. Consequently, it influenced identity when social values ​​were mixed as a result of the conflicting opinions that prevailed on the social and popular arena, especially the media, which formed the Egyptian revolutionary act in many forms, which also contributed to the events of some kind of differentiation, partisanship and special interest, and the impact of all these variables on the vision. The other’s acceptance of an artist has come from an Arab society, and this society is undergoing the latest revolution for freedom and democracy.

research 2012

6-The emotional experience of the artist to draw inspiration from the events of the January 2011 revolution as an entrance to enrich contemporary Egyptian photography

The artistic experience is based on the inspiration of its artistic themes through the political events that occupied the Egyptian public opinion during the January 2011 revolution, and during the transitional period that followed the Egyptian revolution, which accelerated political events that occupied the Egyptian citizen. The reality will be remembered by history, and this necessitated the conscience of the observer of the researcher to record these real events.
The researcher was inspired by his artistic relations through the human element in the work of art, which is the main axis through which the researcher was inspired by the themes of his artistic experience. During the expressive technique, which depends on many paradoxes of plastic on the photographer, which creates a visual exchange between diagnosis and abstraction, while the color has played a heroic role, especially expressive semantics of color, which formed the conceptual pillar that achieve the dimension The researcher used the photo, which was blended in a collage manner on the surface of the artwork to achieve a dramatic dimension that combines real reality with imagination. The symbolism that gives meanings has significance in the mind of the recipient of the artwork.
The emotional experience of the researcher contained some symbolism and expressionism in the formative performance. To create a new type of indirect receipt of the work of art and a new type of viewing, which is concerned with the meditative depth of all parts of the artwork in part and total, in this case the symbols and signs and indications to confirm the reflections in front of the recipient of the work of art through meditation Pric emotional.

research 2012

7-Inspired by the post-January 2011 political events as a gateway to enriching expression in contemporary Egyptian photography.

When the liberation of the artist began to take shape in the nineteenth century and began to rebel against all the academic rules of the history of art, despite the need for permanent within the artistic career and in light of the contradictory historical fluctuations in the Egyptian political street of successive and successive events, which helped to transform the artist rejecting all the rules To a critic or journalist conveying daily events or observer as a result of being influenced by the issues of his daily life as it represents all the conscience of this country from a plastic perspective, the researcher wanted to deepen his view of successive successive events in the perception of the political, social or economic This research deals with the period that followed the January Revolution through a year of political deals and wanted to acquire and feel psychological defeat, which greatly affected the ethics and values ​​of Egyptian society, some of which the researcher monitored Through his formative treatments, which also involved dimensional and futuristic perspectives, it induces a kind of end to the factions versus the emergence of other factions.
This research presents a summary of two years of continuous instability and instances of anticipation and emotion healed with signs of exclamation or questioning, or all of them together, all acts of human origin controlled by the personal will of man and influenced by external positions, but the rapid pace of political positions, which prevents any ability to predict what will happen Moments as a kind of invocation of the notion of transparency when we lost the ability and direction to define is a set of speculation that changed many things around us and much more things within us.

research 2013

8-Inspire the concept of radical Chevonism as an entry point to enrich contemporary graphic art.

The artistic experience is inspired by the post-revolutionary period of January 2011, which was followed by the modern democratic experience, which resulted in political events during the first year of the right-wing rule, which became a state of reaction that can be described as a radical cloak and inspired by these concepts. Expressed the form of right-wing governance, which led his philosophies to inflame the Egyptian political street with events that have compelled the plastic conscience of the researcher to draw its vocabulary in the works that reflect these events and perhaps here in this research on exposure to several concepts, these concepts have been formed Such as radicalism and its relationship to Chevonism or even the concept of fascism or liberalism. This critical period in Egypt’s political history has led to a state of chaos that has helped to create confusion resulting from unconsciousness or both, far from a state of lack of awareness of the Egyptian people of the democratic experience or the ways and forms of expression or practice. Many of the accusations, as a result of a confused and misunderstood understanding of various political biases with religious ideological concepts, have corrupted the political situation as a result of political confusion with religion, when religious ideologies were looking for matters relating to human life and organizing the course of humanity. A mechanism of harmonization that has marred this relationship as a result of the practices of groups who are unaware of the confusion process, and how to mix politics and religion.
Perhaps here in this research we are going to touch on several concepts on which the research was based to inspire his emotional experience. One of these concepts, which has been subjected to the visual experience, the concept of Chevonism and radicalism and their relations with each other, as the research explains these concepts and their connection to the emotional and emotional experience from a visual visual entrance.

research 2014

9-Phenomenology of the body as an entrance to enrich the dramatic dimension of contemporary figurative artwork.

From this philosophical and previous ideological perspective, which defines the relationship between phenomenology and the other as part of each, and everyone as an external body safe from the senses of confidence and its role in transmitting the human feeling to the viewer, The direct awareness of the researcher through the transfer of social events of daily life full of drama, which relates to the drama of daily life, which has influenced his creative imagination assuming that the artist can not be separated from reality, which the artist tried to display through a series of works of art I tried a great deal to focus on the fenomenological dimensions and their relationship to body drama in contemporary figurative artwork.

research 2015

10-Magic realism as an entrance to enrich expression in contemporary photographic artwork.

Based on the imagination that magical realism enshrines in its broad concept, “the imagination of the creative artist is the imagination of a human being with a great mind, heart and deep consciousness. His imagination helps him in the process of actually searching for the right subject for his artistic accomplishment, which provides him with a space of freedom to do so. The ordinary outer surface of reality, but it must access forcefully and boldly to the depth of things in search and excavation of the appropriate forms to express the content, idea and meaning of the artwork, that is, there must be a state of maximum compatibility between the form of research and prospecting, which is the basic equation that must be achieved in each successful creative work .

research 2015

11-Visual and artistic formulations of the human element as an input – to enrich the dramatic dimension of the artwork.

The human form is one of the most important problems that have occupied the artist through the ages, which in turn has put the plastic artist to express them in many ways, whether these methods rely on the usual techniques or the combination of more than one technique and the human face is one of the sources of artistic vision that occupied a lot of Artists in particular, and because form is one of the basic elements in the work of art, the problems of form are one of the most important problems facing the students of art and practitioners to reach formative, expressive and aesthetic formulations.

research 2016

12-Symbolic dimensions of the element of time in contemporary figurative artwork.

The time in the art work reflects the time of meditation and mental examination of the work of art, is an indefinite time, as it does not take long, as all phenomena of meditation take a period not exceeding ten minutes, but there is a moment of time in which (meditation time) corresponds to (time Artwork), which are inseparable from each other. Through meditation we feel the time of the art indirectly. During the implementation of the artistic work, time awareness derives its limits through the artist and the recipient.This is done through receiving the plastic work through the eye where you receive as a sense of sight the first thing you receive (form) and (space) is the receipt of the relationship between form and space, which is moving ( Time) as well as having other artistic elements to build the painting.

research 2017

13-Metaphysical dimensions in addressing the human element in contemporary figurative artwork.

The researcher relied on the current artistic experience to emphasize the metaphysical dimensions and their role in the art work through the use of the intellectual and conceptual dimensions of metaphysics, and their symbolic dimensions, which are expressed by the human element in the theater scene, which inspired this realistic study of the reaction of contemporary society in all its problems, whether cultural or Social, economic or political, and its effects on modern man, especially in the age of globalization, and the link between man and modern media culture, which is conveyed by the many technological media that linked all cultures in a world that has not been Less obstacles and successive, changes and emergency variables that affected the relations of human beings and some of them and the effects of these variables on the social aspects of specific human relations.

research 2017

14-The impact of social variables on the works of contemporary Egyptian artists at the end of the 20th century and their role in enriching expressive values.

This study examines the manifestations of three stages of social transformation in some models of Egyptian plastic creativity, starting with the shift towards modernity after the setback shock, then the social movement in Egypt on plastic creativity during the eighties and the effects of cultural change from the nineties of the twentieth century until now in the light of globalization. The January Revolution and its effects benefit from the presentation of the new historical approach as these events are events in the social world and historical and spatial conditions and human life in their production sites, interpretation and impact, and through the analysis of the multiple links that link these works Artistic and creators of culture, politics and society.

research 2018

15-New insights using some techniques of photography as an introduction to teaching photography to art education students.

The contemporary technology, especially the use of modern technological media in the contemporary image through the use of some methods of photography in photography, which is an important input to the teaching of photography for students of art education, which in turn benefits from the interests of contemporary generations in the world of cybernetics, communication and digital image, which will benefit in achieving A modern and contemporary vision as inputs for teaching photography to third year students at the Faculty of Art Education.

research 2018

16-Photo montage as an entrance to inspiration – from contemporary Egyptian social reality.

The artistic experience of the research is inspired by the contemporary Egyptian social reality, as a result of the changing dimensions and political balances that led, of course, to changing the behavior of the Egyptian society, whether on the scope of people or communities and their social relations. In his artistic experience, which used the entries of the technique of photography and collage in the photographic artwork with color additions, symbols and expressions, which revolves in the orbit of the expression of social problems, which are closer to a state of behavioral crises to try to explain m Ne alienation at home, which formed the research on the pillars of political action and the role that Egypt plays both locally, regionally or internationally.