Video art


I was always thinking about the meaning of arranging the steps of the ablution process that precedes prayer. I was thinking about it intensely, and I was also thinking about the idea of ​​performing ablution with dirt in the absence of water, and thinking about the idea of ​​wiping over something that is supposed to be clean in the absence of dirt ….. These ideas led me to that purification is a concept that is not achieved by water, dust or anything else, so purification is the decision of the human soul to wash from everything that is not clean and worldly, just as the idea of ​​cutting a strand of hair after the end of the Hajj ceremony, in order to dissolve from the world and dissolve from Ihram, all These scenes are always in my mind, and they are the main engine that I dealt with in my work.
The purification of the self from the hatred and the purity of the soul and the body together is what I wanted to emphasize in my work, and when we look at all the divine religions and even the worldly beliefs, we find that they emphasized the purity of the soul, which inevitably leads to the purity of the body, which is the sure criterion for the enjoyment of the human being as humanity. The real problem that the human race always falls in is (impurities of the psyche).

Brave New WorldSite-specific video installationCairo Biennial 11

The project Brave New World is inspired by the advertising culture of globalization media and cable news virtual world, and is a trial to explore the struggle of wealth and power. A fusion of Eastern and Western folk children’s stories and fairy tales are dismantled, reassembled and modified in structure and content to match into today’s behavioral requirements; wolves dominate the jungle in unrivaled hegemony. Dressed in sweet tuxedos and packed in a classroom where corporate language and interpersonal skills are infused in total democracy, the wolves manage to replace the fangs and canines with planned executive actions; they devour their interests by the developed new tools: political manipulation, exploitation and extortion, all with a smile. It is the Brave New World.