10 Years

Artwork philosophy

10 years

Installation, object and video, an area of ​​5 x 6 x 4 x 3 meters

Arts Palace, Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt

From the book Exodus to the Day, which is one of the funerary texts in the chapter of the trial that the deceased recites in the hall of absolute justice, exonerating himself from every shameful act and purifying himself from every impurity in life, so recognition and tolerance mixed with pluralism in beliefs and rituals, when the ancient Egyptian believed that death It was not the end as it awaits the soul’s return to the mortal body. Among these confessional texts in the Absolute Court of Justice is his confession that “it did not prevent the flood in its season” and “did not pollute the water of the Nile” when the Nile constituted the sacred meaning of the ancient Egyptian and through the accumulations Historically, in which the land of Egypt relied on the lifeline associated with its existence, a huge building rose that blocks and prevents the lifeline from reaching the body and preventing the Nile waters from flooding, and for ten years of continuous negotiation over the right to life, the reality is still bitter, the future is ambiguous and frightening, and the end is open….

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